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Italian Stallion Espresso

Italian Stallion Espresso

  • £599

 Tasting Notes: A distinctive Italian style espresso, full bodied, pronounced smokey flavour, subtle earthiness with notes of toast and roasted nut and a dark chocolate finish.

Strength 5

  • A delicious blend of 70% Arabica Beans and 30% Natural Robusta Beans from carefully selected beans from around the world to give it that authentic Italian taste.
  • The beans are carefully roasted to their optimal profile to bring out all the subtle flavours. 
  • They are then allowed to breathe before being ground using tungsten burr grinders to give a clean grind so as to preserve all flavours.
  • This grind is suitable for ALL coffee makers; Aeropress, Cafetiere, Chemex, Bean to Cup, Espresso Machines.
  • Finally, to keep your coffee as fresh as possible we pack it in re-sealable foil bag with a one way valve.
  • Money back guarantee - it you don't like our coffee return it for a full refund
  • 200 Grams 

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